Helping patients with hands on health comes natural to Chiropractic Physicians.
Relieving pressure and tension
Effects of gravity, lack of exercise, and untreated spinal trauma has caused most people to suffer with neck and back pain today.
Careful Analysis
Helping patients with hands on health comes natural to Chiropractic Physicians.
Relieving pressure and tension

Dr. Dean Kenny

Chiropractic Physician 

I came to High Point to practice after graduating from National College of Chiropractic  in 1979.  Looking back,  I can honestly say,  I was ” Wet behind the Ears.”  As I gained experience and proficiency treating  musculo-skeletal conditions like neck pain, back pain, disc problems, pinched nerves, and headaches; I realized that some patients were taking a lot of  medication.  I remember counting 15 medicines for a particular  patient  and decided  I needed to learn to do more.  After 3 years of  postgraduate study in Internal Medicine on weekends,  I became board certified as a Chiropractic Internist and now feel competent to recommend  natural alternatives to patients  for many chronic illnesses that are so prevalent in our busy society today.  With rising costs of  health care and insurance, prevention will always be the best of medicine. The purpose of Chiropractic and our office is to relieve nerve pressure caused by spinal misalignment for better health; as well as, the prevention of illness and disease. We are dedicated to alleviating pain while helping our patients return to active healthy lifestyles and add life to the years of the patients we are so privileged to serve.

Preventing surgery without the use of drugs is the specialty of Chiropractic Care.
Relieving Back and Leg pain made simple
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Sheryl Kenny

My father was a Chiropractor in rural Kentucky and took care of all kinds of problems from back pain to sore throats.  There  weren’t as many doctors to choose from back then like there are these days.   That’s how I learned that we have the natural abilities to get well if we are  given the right circumstances.  With all the known side effects of  medications today,  doesn’t it  make more sense to  look for natural  alternatives  before  giving medicine to your family.  That’s what more doctors are suggesting now and that’s just what  my father did.  It’s why  Chiropractors  say   ” Chiropractic 1st,  medicine 2nd,  and  surgery last ! “

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Restoring normal and vital movement is essential to preventing recurring neck and back problems.
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