Dr. Dean Kenny

After receiving a Doctorate in Chiropractic, I began practice in High Point in 1979 concentrating on treating back pain, neck pain, and headaches. As patients improved, I wanted to help with maladies that I noticed some patients were taking a lot of medication for like high blood pressure, indigestion, and an increase in cholesterol. I decided to become certified in internal medicine because despite advances in medicine, rates of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, for example, continue to increase in our society. I realized that treating the symptoms with medication was not the solution. Prevention; however, will always be the best medicine. The purpose of Chiropractic is to remove nerve interference caused by spinal misalignment and allow normal nerve function to restore health and prevent disease. The mission of this office is to add life to the years and years to the lives of the patients we have the privilege to serve.

Sheryl Kenny

Growing up in a rural town in Kentucky as the daughter of a Chiropractor, I didn’t know much difference other than Chiropractic care. In fact there weren’t many doctors in the area so my dad helped patients with whatever he could. That’s how I learned how our bodies have the natural abilities to get well given the right circumstances. I believe now that we see so many side effects with medications today, modern medicine is turning the corner and looking to natural heath care for alternatives. That’s why we like to say try Chiropractic 1st, medication 2nd, and surgery last !